The Making of Voiceover Actress Savannah Newton

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Animation Demo (mp3)


Commerical Demo (mp3)


Samples (mp3)


Meet my mini voice


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Savannah’s mini voice is perfect for the biggest projects. She creates characters that are unique and one of a kind to last a life time. She is a voiceover actress that brings youthful, playful and delicate characters to life. Her natural and believable voice gives clear emotion and energy for projects geared towards a younger audience. 

Savannah specializes in animation, audiobooks, toys and video games. 

When asked what the best part about voiceover is, Savannah said: 

“It is bringing characters into both people’s homes and hearts that make them smile.”

She can play from baby, tween to sweet sixteen. Her peppy voice is perfect for animation and toys with a whimsical quality that children identify with. 

Her mini voice that has been described as natural, animated, charming,  enchanting, enthusiastic and bubbly, with childlike wonder. Her voice makes magical moments come true. 

Need a sample? Download it here.

AnimationDemo (mp3)


Commercial Demo (mp3)


Sample Clip (mp3)