The Making of Voiceover Actress Savannah Newton

The Making of Voiceover Actress Savannah Newton

The Making of Voiceover Actress Savannah NewtonThe Making of Voiceover Actress Savannah Newton

20 Questions with Savannah Newton

Recently we sat down to chat with Savannah and play our version of 20 Question and here is what we found out. Stay tuned for updates and more videos.  (You have to visit her You Tube Channel for question 20.)

Got Questions of your own?

Savannah is taking your questions. The mic is open, so drop her a line at www.savannahnewton.com 

Question 19: What is Savannah's strange talent?

Hint: it involves her feet.

Question 18: What is Savannah's food?

Can you guess?

Question 17: Obsessions?

Can you guess Savannah's odd obsession?

Question 16: What music does Savannah listen to?

Guess Savannah's favorite music.

Question 15: Can you tell us about being homeschooled?

Savannah had many years as a non-traditional, homeschooled student. What was that like?

Question 14: You have a unique voice. Has it always been like that?

How did Savannah get that unique voice?

Question 13: Did someone really think she was a princess?

Savannah Talks about Tea Time at Disney.

Question 12: Do wild animals really come up to you?

Meet the wild side of Savannah.

Question 11: Do you play sports?

Is ballet a sport?

Question 10: Are you related to ten presidents?

.... the family tree....

Question 9: A cool hobby...

Question 8: What is your dream role?

What is Savannah dream role? Check out this video and see if you can guess her dream role.

Questions 7: Tell me about film and your life

Doesn't everyone play movies all the time? Find out in question 7 how Savannah's need to dance effected her television habits.

Question 6: When did you first discover you like...?

Voiceover Actress Savannah Newton answers questions about she became interested in voice acting.

Questions 5: Can you speak a little about dyslexia

Savannah speaks about her experiences with dyslexia.

Question 4: SavannahNewton 20 -Questions 4: Have you always seen yourself as adventurous?

Savannah answers questions #4: How adventurous are you?

Question 3: I hear that you are Native American....

Savannah shares about being Native American and a direct descendant of Chief Tallahassee.

Question #2: In one sentence, what is film to you?

Savannah summarizes film in one sentence.

Questions 1: Where does your love for science come from?

Did you know that Savannah is related to Sir Isaac Newton or that she had an uncle that worked for NASA?